The transparent and clear acrylic board imported from Japan is carefully selected as the background.

8*16CM silicone neon flex can work stably between -40°C and 60°C. The silicone neon flex has certain flame retardancy, water resistance and great plasticity.


For RTS neon sign, we choose a fixed font that is most popular with customers.

For Custom Neon,We have selected 27 fonts preferred by our customers, all of which can be quoted directly.

Of course we have more choices. Here are 35 other popular fonts we have selected for your reference. You can also request to use these additional fonts.

Please note that we support the design of all text, symbols, and pictures. You can send it directly to our customer service through online chat to get a quote. We will quote within one working day.


Usually we support 22 colors,we have fixed 9 colors on the webpage which are red,pink,orange,yellow,green,blue,light blue,purple,white.

If necessary, you can choose other colors besides these 9 colors.

Accessories(Acrylic board,Plug,Dimmer)

We support three types of acrylic shape such as cut to shape,whole board,cut to letter.

Four internationally used plugs such as US plug,UK plug,AU plug,EU plug.

We can provide dimmers to change the brightness of neon lights and light switching.

If your neon sign need hanging,we will provide lifing rope,if you need wall-mounted we will provide screw.


We are the first company to open a U-shaped corner protector in the product packaging to protect the product from collisions. We use 10mm honeycomb cardboard to ensure the packaging is firm. There are 22 packaging procedures, and the package transportation damage rate is only 1%.

CE certified export